You are a trainer who uses debate tools in their teaching?
You are an aspiring trainer planning on using debate in their career?
You have full debate trainings or just use deliberative methods in your practice?
Then the European Debate Trainers’ Conference is the place to be!

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European Debate Trainers’ Conference 2022

Save the date! The next EDTC will take place on January 14-16, 2022 online
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“Which benefits would make a cooperation irresistible? There’s openness from the companies towards cooperation, especially for exchanging trainers, marketing strategies and best practice. We need to communicate to the public that there is more to debating than becoming a better speaker.”

Helina Loor, CEO at Speaksmart, about the EDTC 2019

“We created a vision of a typical training in 2025. Looking into the future, the expectations of our clients for engaging content will increase and the time they are willing to spend and focus will decrease. Lectures out, apps and short videos in. In order to deliver this, we need more cooperation, because creating relevant, edutaining, digital content requires more resources than delivering a lecture. If this trend holds true, we’re better off investing and innovating together than each company on their own.”

Margo Loor, Development Director at SpeakSmart , about his workshop at the EDTC 2019

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