• Certifier of Debate Master Trainers
  • Romania’s National Director Of Training
  • Main organizer of the European Debate Trainers’ Conference
  • Coach of Romania’s national team for the world debate championship
  • Co-author of Romanian school debate manual “Rhetorics, Oratory, Debate”
Nae Sovaiala, Master Debate Trainer
Nicolae Șovăială-Ionescu

“Conversations ought to be had, not won.”

Trainer Profile

About me

From my first (and quite shy) speech during a debate competition at the age of 15, to certifying trainers and creating learning programmes, I’ve spent over half my life training minds (mine included) in the craft of constructive conversation. Debate changed my life for the better: for one, it allowed me to travel to countless international competitions, which, in a country that had just renounced communism, meant a lot. I excelled at competitions – I was the best european speaker at one point and qualified twice for the world championship. I won many conversations, but also lost many friends.

My world view changed and I learned of the immense power that words can have. I decided to become a trainer to spread the gift of argumentation, focussing not on the competitive, but rather on the curious. I defined my training philosophy as Kind Communication.


  • Master Debate Trainer (IDEA)
  • Studies in rhetoric, philosophy & law
  • Certified trainer in Situational Leadership
  • Basic training in Systemic Leadership
  • Basic training in Art of Hosting
  • HarvardX Leaders of Learning educational experience design course graduate

Experience as a trainer

I have been working as a trainer since 2009 for rhetoric, argumentation and pedagogy. I’ve trained most of Romania’s commercial argumentation trainers. I’ve worked abroad, with clients from both the USA and the EU always following my self affirmed mission to change the world for the better, one conversation at a time. I do this mainly by offering learners the information, skills, or means to change their attitude so that they can create constructive conflictual conversation contexts.

I use my passion for storytelling and my insight into learning processes to carefully personalize the learning experiences that I offer either via one-on-one work or during group workshops.

Greatest debating successes

  • Master trainer of the International Debate Education Association (IDEA)
  • National Director of Training for the Romanian Association of Debate, Rhetorics & Oratory
  • Chief Trainer of the Romanian Association of Thinking and Speaking
  • Mentor for various commercial Romanian debate programs
  • Best European speaker at the EurOpen Debate Championship
  • Twice member of Romania’s National Team for the World Championship

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